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Welcome to my growing collection of wooden crafted model ships.

Soon after my retirement in 2007, my wife and I moved back to our home town in North Carolina.  My passion for woodworking led me to discover the art of creating wooden ship models.  This blog site was originally created for the purpose of sharing my creations with my children and grand children living in Louisiana and Texas.

The following links are arranged in chronological order as they were built.
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Each project has more than one page.  
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 The HMS Victory
 The AG Tunney Brooks 

The Finley Read Project

Restoring the Golden Hind

Frigate Confederacy

Mayflower #1 (1:76 scale)

Mayflower #2 (1:60th scale)

The Cutter Pillsbury

The Pillsbury Decoy

Sovereign of The Seas

USS Constitution

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Anja said...

Hello Dave,
Don't thank me for visiting. I must thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us. I really enjoyed your blog.

Model Ship Worls

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing!! USCG Eagle :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
Very nice work here.

John Paul Jones said...

Hello Dave,
very nice work.
Karl (Jeronimo)

John Paul Jones said...

Hi Dave,
beautiful work.

Bob Winfrey said...

I am tackling my first kit, aMidwest Skip Jack and have immense respect for building from scratch! Great work!